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College Diversity Roundtable


2014 Student Letter

October 2013—Faculty Involvement in the CDR
My service on the CDR has been very rewarding and eye-opening in many ways. My early involvement in conducting our first Campus Climate Survey and associated focus groups was very helpful in learning directly from students about their perspectives on the importance of diversity both in and out of the classroom. Over the years, the CDR has enabled many interesting conversations between students, faculty and staff about diversity and inclusion with respect to all facets of campus life - security, admissions, advising, social activities and faculty recruitment. I routinely walk away inspired and impressed by the students' commitment and passion - it's a great way to meet some students outside of the classroom and be reminded about the richness of the college experience. Although my main role has been to listen, and occasionally offer a faculty member's perspective, I have enjoyed having opportunities to help students network and to share my observations with others across campus. Whether you are new to campus, or just seeking a new perspective on the College, I would encourage other faculty members to get involved in the conversation!

Amy L. Lerner
Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Academic Director, Center for Medical Technology & Innovation

September 2013—Greetings from Dean Feldman
I am writing to thank you for your continued dedication to the College Diversity Roundtable, and to tell you about some changes that are taking place. As the new Director of the Intercultural Center, Michelle Thompson-Taylor will be facilitating the CDR beginning this fall. The CDR has grown and blossomed since its inception under the leadership of Norman Burnett, and I want to thank him for his tireless dedication to its goals and objectives over many years.

The charge of the CDR remains focused on diversity in all its complexity and multi-faceted dimensions. The CDR will remain a student-centered task force in which issues and concerns can be raised and discussed. It will also provide opportunities for all participants to engage in activities and conversations that address current affairs and contemporary challenges affecting individuals and groups of various intersecting identities. The CDR can also be a forum for discussion of the ways in which we can celebrate the diversity that enriches our campus community.

The CDR will hold its first meeting of the year on Tuesday, September 24, 4:30 – 5:30pm, in the Gamble Room, Rush Rhees Library and Michelle will discuss her vision for the CDR moving forward. I certainly hope that you continue to participate and encourage your peers to do the same. We look forward to an invigorating year…

Rich Feldman
Dean of the College