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Office of Undergraduate Research

Research Opportunities by Department

Undergraduate Research in the Department of Political Science


Most of the undergraduate research in the Department of Political Science (for either political science or international relations majors) is done in the context of the Junior Honors Seminar, the senior honors thesis, and an independent study. Occasionally, faculty members have projects through which undergraduates can get involved in research through data collection and/or analysis. The opportunity for undergraduate research is larger during the academic year than during the summer.

How to get started:

Pursue appropriate coursework and do well in classes so that the Junior Honors Seminar and honors thesis in the senior year are feasible. Take a methods course (not required for the IR major, but important for pursuing research) in the sophomore year. For other opportunities, or to initiate an independent study, contact faculty in the department who have research most closely associated with the area of interest. Further information on undergraduate research can be found on the Department Political Science web pages.

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