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Office of Undergraduate Research

Research Opportunities by Department

Undergraduate Research in the Department of Religion & Classics


Undergraduates often carry out research in the Department of Religion and Classics as an independent study, or as part of a senior project or honors thesis. Some students undertake original research during regular courses such as REL 167, where students study gravestones and funerary architecture in Rochester's historic Mt. Hope cemetery. Summer study abroad programs also offer opportunities, including fieldwork in archaeology. As in the Humanities in general, research in Religion and Classics tends to be an individual undertaking in consultation with an advisor, and so students are encouraged to develop and pursue independent projects as they work their way through their area of concentration.

How to get started:

Original research in Religion and Classics frequently requires skill in a relevant foreign language and mastery of substantial secondary material. Students can best prepare for this through appropriate coursework and by studying the original language of the traditions and civilizations on which they intend to do research.

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