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Outside Scholarships

About outside scholarships

The strength of the candidates who apply to the University often makes our applicants excellent candidates for outside scholarships. The amount of the outside scholarships received will reduce the work-study and loan awards before reducing university need-based grants. The combination of outside awards and Rochester-packaged awards may not exceed a student’s institutional need or cost of attendance.

When you receive your award letter from the agency providing your outside scholarship, you need to forward a copy to the Financial Aid Office. You can also email it directly to your financial aid counselor.

Scholarship checks should be mailed to the Bursar’s Office, not the Financial Aid Office.

Bursar’s Office
PO Box 270037
330 Meliora Hall
Rochester, NY, 14627

Search engines

Be sure to look to family employers, local foundations, clubs, and community agencies for outside scholarship opportunities. Listed below are links to several search engines and other online resources that you might find helpful.

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