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ROTC Scholarship Selection

Prospective incoming students are encouraged to contact the officer responsible for their preferred ROTC service branch with any questions about applying for the ROTC program, including ROTC Scholarship funding. ROTC funds will not be awarded to prospective incoming students until ROTC has confirmed their acceptance into the ROTC program.

As the ROTC selection process can take some time, students interested in pursuing ROTC are encouraged to apply for financial aid through the University. Need-based aid can be awarded as a placeholder until ROTC funds are confirmed. Students are responsible for any bills they receive while they are in the ROTC application and selection process.

ROTC Scholarship Coverage

Students who are accepted into a ROTC program will have most of their billed tuition and fees covered by ROTC Scholarship funds.

Billable items covered include:

  • Tuition
  • Mandatory Fees
  • On-Campus Housing
  • On-Campus Food/Meal Plan

Billable items not covered include:

  • University Health Insurance Plan
  • UROs/Flex Dollars

ROTC Scholarship Processing

ROTC Scholarship funds will be applied to a student’s billing statement within one week of charges being assessed. Funds can not be added in advance of charges being assessed, because a student’s Scholarship amount will be based on the student’s individual charges.

If an accepted ROTC student has previously applied for and been awarded financial aid from the federal government, New York State, and/or the University, including University merit scholarships, those aid funds will be removed and replaced with ROTC Scholarship funds.

  • The Federal Pell Grant is an exception to this replacement. Because the Pell Grant is a federal entitlement, Pell Grant funds will be applied to the financial aid package before ROTC funds. ROTC Scholarship funds will then be applied to remaining costs after the Pell Grant funds are applied.

If a student is removed from or otherwise leaves the ROTC program mid-semester, any ROTC Scholarship funds they were awarded for that semester will be removed in full. They will not be eligible for ROTC Scholarship funds in the future. Such students are still able to apply for need-based financial aid through the standard application process. Learn more about billing and aid for ROTC students here.

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