Transition Team: Passive-solar pizza-making!

Students laughing while preparing their pizzas outside.

Yesterday Miss Mackenzie and Miss Aiyana showed our Transition Team students how to make pizzas outside with the power of the sun!

They learned about how passive solar energy can be harnessed to do so many things, including cook. Our teachers guided them in building homemade solar pizza “ovens” using pizza boxes, foil, and plastic wrap.

Students laughing while preparing their pizzas outside. Two bagel pizzas cooking in their solar pizza box ovens.

Students preparing their pizzas for the ovens. Young student smiling with his pizza box oven, steam can be seen through the plastic wrap.

The Transition Team targets 7th and 8th grade students transitioning to high school. Led by two full-time NYS certified teachers with 10+ years of experience and a cadre of part-time experts, Transition Team members are supported in building strong identities, mastering academic skills, managing stress, and regulating emotions, all of which are essential for their successful transition into the next stage of their lives.

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Students outside LeChase hall holding up their pizza box ovens up to the sun. Two students with their solar-pizza box ovens on their heads facing the sun.