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Fostering honesty, integrity, and trust in scholarly and creative work

Educating the University community about academic honesty

Offering support and resources for students, instructors, and staff

Confidential Help

The academic honesty liaison offers counseling and educates the Arts, Sciences and Engineering community about academic honesty.

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Tips & Pitfalls

Learn how to practice academic honesty when completing exams, papers, group projects and more, and avoid common pitfalls associated with dishonest behavior.

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Instructor Responsibilities

Faculty and instructors have an obligation to help prevent and report academic dishonesty while modeling integrity in their own practices.

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Featured Resource

Take an academic honesty quiz

Test your knowledge of the College’s academic honesty policy by taking our academic honesty quizzes. Think you’ve got the process down? Try this quiz about the policy and board procedures. Or see how you score on the “Is this dishonest?” quiz, which covers sticky academic honesty situations.

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