Who We Are

Academic honesty in the advancement of knowledge requires that all students and instructors respect the integrity of one another's work and recognize the importance of acknowledging and safeguarding intellectual property.

Academic dishonesty is a serious violation of the trust upon which an academic community depends. The College Academic Honesty Policy is both an articulation of the kinds of behaviors that violate this trust and the means by which that trust is safeguarded and restored. In the College it is our goal to educate all members of the University community about the nuances of this complex issue. Descriptions and contact information for selected roles in the Academic Honesty system can be found in this PDF document.

We believe in transparency, accountability, and fairness. See our reports and statistics page for historical information of how cases have been managed in the academic honesty system at the University of Rochester.

Academic Honesty Liaison

The academic honesty liaisons provide educational outreach to the Arts, Sciences & Engineering (AS&E) community, make policy recommendations to AS&E’s governing bodies and administrators, and offer confidential counseling to students and faculty about how the academic honesty process works.

The liaisons remain structurally separate from the Board on Academic Honesty. Community members can raise general questions about academic honesty and can speak freely with the liaisons about specific cases without affecting how these cases are adjudicated by the Board.

Board on Academic Honesty

The College Board on Academic Honesty is responsible for reviewing and adjudicating all acts of suspected academic dishonesty committed by undergraduate students in AS&E and/or whose primary designation is River Campus, as well as by graduate students in AS&E.

The Board on Academic Honesty consists of a chair, at least eleven faculty members, at least eleven undergraduate students, and at least two graduate students. Cases submitted for review through board resolution are typically heard by five board members—three faculty members and two students (undergraduate students for cases involving undergraduates, and graduate students for cases involving graduate students).

Faculty members of the board are appointed by the dean of the College. Graduate student members are selected and appointed by the AS&E dean of graduate studies. Undergraduate student members belong to the All-Campus Judicial Council, which selects its own representatives to the board each year.

All-Campus Judicial Council

The All-Campus Judicial Council is the judicial branch of the University of Rochester Students’ Association government. The council selects undergraduate student representatives to serve on the Board on Academic Honesty each year. Students interested in getting involved with the council and potentially being elected to serve on the board can learn more on the Student Association's judicial page.