Student Spotlight: Delia Cruz Nochebuena

Name: Delia Cruz Nochebuena
Class year: 2017
Major: Spanish
Campus/Community Involvement: Douglass Leadership House, Housing Coordinator

Other than working here, how else are you, or have you been, involved in RCCL?

– Although I have not been involved with RCCL directly I have participated in many RCCL community events. I am very proud to say that I am a new employee at the RCCL because I truly believe in their mission to create a better Rochester by providing members of the community with the skills and opportunities to do so. I hope to contribute my own talents and skills in accomplishing this goal.

What does community-engagement mean to you?

– Community engagement means demonstrating love. Without love, actions towards nurturing growth within the Rochester community would not be possible as it takes time, patience, and dedication. Engaging the community means demonstrating that you love every individual in your community not because of who they are but simply because you care. There are already great things happening in Rochester by individuals and organizations who know the community and who have grown here. Showing love in this case could also mean simply providing resources that these organizations and individuals need in order to let them speak for themselves than act as a voice for them.

What advice would you give to first year Freshmen to get involved?

– Run away! Just joking! Find your passion. Many times it’s difficult to get involved because there are many things that you are interested in and you want to take part in all of them. It’s not bad to get involved in many things but you are more likely to make a larger impact if you are fully dedicated to a few things rather than attempting to change the world overnight. Don’t let your grades suffer because you want to be involved, try to find a balance because without a degree it is more difficult to get in positions of power where you can make the changes you would like to see.

My favorite spring activity in Rochester is..

– playing music outside of my house on the fraternity quad. As a member of the Douglass Leadership House, when spring time rolls around we all go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather while listening to good music and enjoying each others company. I truly allows me to feel at peace and appreciate great people on a great day.


  • Beth Jorgensen (#)
    February 27th, 2017

    Proud of the work Delia has done as a Spanish major, with Douglass Leadership House, and now with RCCL! Her reflections and her advice in this “Spotlight” article are honest and constructive, and I appreciated reading them.

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