List of Fall 2017 Community Engaged Courses

Are you interested in taking a community-engaged learning course? Are you pursuing the Citation in Community-Engaged Scholarship? Or, are you just looking for an extra class? Look no further! Here is an updated list of courses being offered in the Fall 2017 semester.

ANT 101 Cultural Anthropology
ASL 101 Beginning ASL 1
ASL 102 Beginning ASL 2
ASL 105 Intermediate ASL 1
ASL 106 Intermediate ASL 2
ASL 203 Advanced ASL
ASL 204 Theory and Practice of Sign Language Interpreting
BIO 399 Biology Community Engagement Practicum
CAS 350 Rising Leader: 1st Year Leadership
DAN 130 Conditioning for Dancer and Athlete
DAN 385 Dance Performance Workshop
GSW 100 What Does a Feminist Look Like? Feminism, Art, and Activism
PH 101 Introduction to Public Health
PH 397W Community Engaged Internship
PSC 233W Innovation in Public Service
PSC 304 Urban Crime and Justice
REL 167M Sexuality in World Religion
REL 167W Speaking Stones
REL 170 Religion and Hip Hop Culture
REL 239 Spiritualism in America
REL 293 Theories of Religion
SA 222 Advanced Painting
SA 252 New Media and Emerging Practice 2: Art Environment Action
WRT 105 Various Topics (see Registrar for specifics)


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