Become a Volunteer Counselor with Mary’s Place Refugee Outreach

Mary’s Place Refugee Outreach is seeking students willing to serve as volunteer counselors for the summer. Students will have to be available from July 2nd to August 10th, Monday through Friday from noon to 3 pm. This role can also be supported as an internship. The responsibilities of this role include:

  • Supervising children ages 4-12 (approximately 20-40 children each day) at Mary’s Place. There is a playground behind the building and different games/toys/crafts for children to do
  • Serving children lunch and snack each day (Foodlink provides daily deliveries of premade lunch and snack)
  • Accompanying children 2 days/week to local YMCA for swim lessons (The lessons are taught by staff from YMCA and YMCA provides bussing to/from)
  • Accompanying children on a total of 4 field trips (Mary’s Place provides a bus to/from field trips and covers all expenses)

Students who are interested can email or call Charlsey Bickett ( (585-270-8626).

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