2018 Rising Leader Class Graduates

2018 Rising Leader Class Graduates

Congratulations to the 2018 graduates of the Rising Leader Class. First year students were competitively selected from a pool of 80 for this class, which allows participants to further understand themselves in relationship to leadership. Rising Leader Class graduates go on to hold many different roles in student organizations, student government, and campus employment. Please join us in congratulating this year’s graduates!

Mateo Alexander, Dokata Banchale, Daler Beisenbayev, Janna-Rayanne Benraiss, Luis Borja, Ahmed Boutar, Nathaniel Brunacini, Jorge Caje Zayas, Chastity Chavez, Yoo Choi, Caden Dowd, Junis Ekmekciu, Payton Elliott, Sydney Goldstein, Chloe Jones, Mitchell Jones, Kharissa King, Peyton Maccarone, Danielle Marouni, Hayley McGowan, Eleanor O’Neill, Fariha Raisa, Holly Rowland, Kadir Sahin, Helen Shammas, Rachel Snapperman, Mindula Suriyabandara, Yaocheng Tian, Brendon Tran, Liying Wang, Deon Willis

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