Student Spotlight: Rachel Tse

Student Spotlight: Rachel Tse

Hometown: Hong Kong

Class Year: 2022

Majors/Minors: Double Major in Business and English

Your UR activities other than working here? 1st Gen Society, Students Helping Honduras

What has been your favorite experience at UR so far? It has been a really great experience thus far that I get to explore and study what I genuinely am passionate for, thanks for the flexible Rochester curriculum! Also, everywhere I go, people have been really friendly and helpful to me, from faculty members to people that have the same classes with me! It’s great to know that there’s always someone to turn to when I have questions.

What are you most excited for this semester? This semester I am really excited about getting more involved in student activities and community service.

What advice do you have for newly arrived midyear students? I would suggest newly arrived midyear students not to afraid to go out and meet new people! Trust me, everyone here is super nice. You can start by looking into the clubs and organizations that you may be interested in and you’re off to a great start! It’s never too late to make new friends!

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