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Slingshot To Success

STS places emphasis on the benefits of getting involved in the River Campus community during freshman year, while stressing the importance of living a balanced campus lifestyle.

Students engage in open discussions and workshops with upperclassmen. Open discussions are facilitated as a two-way interactive conversation, which present freshman with an opportunity to share their thoughts, concerns, and questions with upperclassmen, who in turn address these areas by sharing their personal experiences.

Discussions focus on:

The workshops provide freshman students with the techniques and skills needed to balance their academics, co-curricular activities, and personal growth. These sessions feature interactive activities that foster students' critical thinking abilities.

Workshop topics include:

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Objectives & Benefits

STS provides freshmen with the knowledge and motivation needed to be successful during their first year at the University of Rochester. Students attending STS have an opportunity to: 

Peer Mentor Component

The peer mentor component of STS presents freshman students with an opportunity to build their circle of support at Rochester. Both the peer mentor and protege benefit from this relationship. Proteges have an opportunity to:

Peer mentors have an opportunity to:

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What Participants Say About Slingshot

Contact Information

For more information about Slingshot To Success or the Mentoring Component, please contact Erin Murphy, Graduate Assistant for Involvement at the Rochester Center for Community Leadership.