Tallinn in 2011

Cafe Babel has an article about Tallinn’s plans as European Cultural Capital in 2011.

The project is entitled “Tallinn: Everlasting Fairytale,” and the impressive program is available online as a pdf.

This is a bit concerning though:

The EU is a bit stingy – they are donating a mere 1.5 million euros, but the planned budget costs over 17 million euros. But prestige indicates that the title of a ‘cultural capital’ alone means development and progress.

Tallinn is an amazing city, and it sounds like a lot of interesting things are happening:

Many projects follow the trend of injecting modernity in what’s already existing. The entire coastal region, pure factory ground, which wasn’t accessible during the Soviet time, is being developed into a ‘culture mile’; a dark Zukünftige Kulturfabrik power and heat supply station. In 1979 it was the scene of Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker, and will be transformed into a modern culture factory.

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