Harlequin is on the Cutting Edge?

From the CBC

Harlequin Enterprises, the Canadian-based romance publisher, said it will make all its new titles available online for downloading.

“It’s every single line, every single title, so it’s over 120 titles a month,” Malle Vallik, Harlequin’s director of digital content, told Quill & Quire magazine, an industry publication.

Harlequin will become the first Canadian publisher to do such a thing, Vallik said. The company thought the move was necessary to be relevant to younger readers who can download to laptops or cellphones, she added.

No indication of what the cost will be to the reader, but I’m psyched that I’ll be able to read Speed Dating and the rest of the NASCAR series on my laptop . . . too bad there’s not more Vampire Romances in the Harlequin pantheon . . .

But seriously—aside from Soft Skull and BOA Editions on Wowio—are there any publishers of literary fiction out there who are making all their books available via download? I have my issues with the digital future of publishing, but this seems simple, natural, and worth experimenting with at least.

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