What's in the Water?

It seems like today’s posts are filled with people saying dumb stuff when it comes to the arts. Witness this

David Cameron’s alleged off-the-cuff remarks about “one-legged Lithuanian lesbians” at a recent arts funding lunch have caused outrage in Lithuania, and a complaint from the country’s ambassador to the UK asking the Conservative leader to explain himself.

In the letter, seen by the Guardian, the ambassador, Vygaudas Usackas, expresses his dismay at the comment made by the Mr Cameron at an Arts Council lunch last Tuesday, in which he was reported to have said: “I hope you won’t be giving grants to too many one-legged Lithuanian lesbians”.

His explanation?

“David [Cameron] did not use the word lesbian, he said that lottery grants should go to the right causes and not to ‘one-legged Lithuanian dance troupes’. I would hope the ambassador understands this.”

Oh, OK. That clears up everything . . . unless you’re a one-legged dancer, I guess.

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