2008 Susan Sontag Prize for Translation

We actually posted about the Susan Sontag Prize for Translation back before Three Percent went live, but with the deadline approaching, I think it’s worth bringing up again, especially since it’s such a cool prize.

One of the first activities of the newly-established Susan Sontag Foundation, this Prize for Translation will be an annual award of $5,000 given to a young translator. This year’s prize is for the best proposal for a translation from German into English of a work of fiction by a living writer, but in future years the focus will rotate among major European and Asian languages.

What’s really unique about this award is that it will be given to “a university undergraduate or graduate student under the age of 30.” It’s great that such a sizable award will be given out to young translators, and hopefully this will encourage more students to study and become involved in literary translation.

The deadline for applying is January 30, 2008, and for anyone interested in applying, a pdf of the application can be found here.

And just to clarify, the application consists of submitting a proposal and a five page sample. The winner will be announced in March, and it’s expected that he/she will be able to finish the translation by October 2008.

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