Interesting What Someone Else's Success Can Do To You

Penguin’s audio plans circa October 22, 2007 (via PW):

In other Penguin news, the New York Times reported today that the publisher has pulled out of its deal with eMusic to sell its audio titles through the online music retailer. Penguin Audio publisher Dick Heffernan told the paper that the issue came down to fears about piracy, since eMusic, unlike rival iTunes, sells its titles without the DRM software that prevents files from being copied.

And from today’s Guardian after Random House announced last week that they would be selling DRM-free audiobooks:

Penguin is planning to offer audiobooks that are free of digital copyright protection technology, which will allow buyers to play them on any digital device, dismissing fears that they could become the latest target for online pirates.

And you think I’m kidding or being snarky re: the Random House comment, right?

Announcing a strong set of annual results from Pearson, which also owns the Financial Times, chief executive Marjorie Scardino said yesterday that Penguin would follow Random House and experiment with selling “DRM-free” digital versions of its audiobooks on the internet.

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