Open Letter August Newsletter

The August Open Letter Newsletter is now available and was just mailed out to all subscribers.

Aside from hoping you’re interested in reading this, I’m also mentioning it here because we ran into some problems getting out subscribers registered with Google Groups. (Google decided that we were “suspicious” and might be spamming the few hundred people who had signed up to receive this at various events. I even wrote them an explanation and told them about how we’re huge Google supporters—we use checkout, analytics, and even helped get the University of Rochester to use Gmail accounts for all students—but my request was denied. Thanks, Google!)

Anyway, if you signed up but didn’t receive an e-mail—or if you simply want to join our mailing list—please re-register by visiting our home page and entering your e-mail in the box on the top right. That will eliminate any Google problems/suspicions. . . .

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