Funding for the Arts, Wikis, and Brian Lehrer

I wish I had come across this sooner . . . Earlier this week the L.A. Times blog Jacket Copy posted a piece about today’s episode of the Brian Lehrer show on WNYC.

As part of his 30 Issues in Thirty Days series, today’s show focuses on “Arts and Culture Funding,” looking at Obama’s and McCain’s positions, etc.

It’s great when arts funding gets some public attention, but what’s really innovative is that Lehrer set up a special wiki to allow listeners and others help to frame the show, recommend guests, suggest questions, etc.

The comments and suggestions on the wiki are pretty interesting, although it’s disappointing that there’s not a lot of info on funding for literature. Once again, us literary people don’t have our shit together to influence the public dialogue. Regardless, the show, which airs today at 10am EDT and can be heard live on 93.9 FM, and should be available as a podcast shortly thereafter.

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