News of Open Letter Reaches Batavia!

I feel bad laughing at this, but we just found out that on Saturday, the Daily News published this article about the release of our first title . . . which came out last September.

Dubbed the “break-out” book for fall 2008 by Publishers Weekly, Nobody’s Home, by Croation author Dubravka Ugresic, is the first book published by Open Letter, a new translation press at the University of Rochester.

There is so much wrong here . . . First off, Dubravka actually came to Rochester, so had this appeared, like, four months ago, residents could’ve come to the event. And it’s actually spelled “Croatian,” thank you very much. The real kicker is that the byline on this piece is “Staff Reports.”

I’m grateful for any article printed about Open Letter (and every copy sold), but this is too untimely and funny to pass up . . . I like imagining someone getting this press release and putting it in a pile to deal with later . . . like in January.

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