Cortazar Play "In Translation"

What a find! In Translation, put out by the Brooklyn Rail, and run by Donald Breckenridge, started publishing new translations online a couple years ago. (The site is sort of like a scaled-down Words Without Borders) and their latest “issue” includes The Kings by Julio Cortazar.

“The Kings” (Los Reyes) was published in 1949. It was the first time Julio Cortázar published under his own name. Aside from this text, Cortázar wrote four other short plays that were collected and published in 1995 as “Goodbye, Robinson, and other short pieces” (Adios, Robinson, y otras piezas breves). One of the plays included in that volume “Nothing Goes to Pehuajó” (Nada a Pehuajó) had first been published as a single text in the year of his death. This adaptation/translation of “The Kings” was originally commissioned by The Art Party, Inc. in New York City, and developed with The Internationalists Around the World in the 24 Hours Festival.

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