Now That's Some Math I Can Get On Board With

Kindle sales figures continue to be as clear as mud . . . After yesterday morning’s announcement of Kindle 2.0, it was reported everywhere — thanks in part to the misleading awesome chart below and to Bezos’s actual words: “Today, more than 10 percent of the units we sell are Kindle books.” — that 10% of Amazon’s sales are of e-books.

Which, as CNN pointed out, is a bit odd, since only “200,000 titles — a tiny fraction of the books offered on the site — are available in digital form.”

Well, thankfully GalleyCat followed up on this:

GalleyCat asked an Amazon spokesperson for clarification. They reduced that early number: “Kindle sales make up more than 10 percent of sales of books that are available in both traditional and e-book form.”

That’s an awful big difference . . . Really makes me wonder about that 500,000 unit claim that’s been floating around . . .

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