Recapping the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

After a sentimental farewell drink atop the Crowne Plaza Hotel, I left Abu Dhabi Sunday morning at 2 am. Twenty-two hours later I was back here in Rochester, a bit exhausted, but utterly enthralled in Gamal al-Ghitani’s The Zafarani Files.

Anyway, rather than pretend that I can be coherent on the blog today (that said, Rob Walker—the NY Times Magazine “Consumed” columnist and author of Buying In—videoconferenced into my intern’s publishing class this morning and I’m moderating a translation panel in one hour, so I’m going to have to at least feign coherence for a bit longer), I’m instead going to repost my pieces from the ADIBF blog. Tomorrow I’ll get back on track, recap the fair, finish my Salzburg posts, etc., etc.

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