Where You Can Get Your International Poetry Fix

I don’t read nearly as much international poetry as I do prose, but for those of you out there who are more lyrically inclined, here are two sites worth exploring:

Lyrikline is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year, and over that time has compiled a damn impressive database of poems from around the world translated into several languages. And in addition to simply cataloging thousands of poems (to be more exact: “580 poets and 5300 poems in 49 languages” as well as “6400 translations in 48 languages”), there are audio recordings of a lot of the poems, so you can both read and hear the poetry . . .

I just found out about Brindin via Metafilter. The site isn’t the most high tech, but there’s a lot of content here, and the poems are translated from (and into) several different languages. Also interesting cataloging scheme that includes a section of Quirky Poems.

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