Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt in discussion with Michael Reynolds

Where: McNally Jackson, 52 Prince St., New York, NY

Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, author of The Most Beautiful Book in the World and Other Stories (Europa) in discussion with Michael Reynolds, editor and publisher of Europa Editions.

Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt is a playwright, novelist, and author of short stories, one of the most popular, indeed, in Europe. He was awarded the French Academy’s Grand Prix du Théâtre in 2001. His books include Oscar and the Lady in Pink (1999), The Gospel According to Pilate (2000), and My Life with Mozart (2005). The film Odette Toulemonde, Schmitt’s debut as screenwriter and director, was released in 2007.
The eight stories in this collection, his first to be published in English, represent some of his best writing and most imaginative storylines: from the love story between Balthazar and Odette, a successful author and a supermarket cashier, to the tale of a barefooted princess; from the story of a group of female prisoners in a Soviet gulag to the entertaining portrait of a perennially disgruntled perfectionist. Here are eight contemporary fables, populated by a cast of extravagant and affecting characters: all people in search of happiness.

He’ll be speaking with his editor and the publisher of Europa Editions, Michael Reynolds.

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