ALTA 2009 Conference

Continental Drift

The 2009 ALTA Conference Committee invites you to join us in Pasadena for a celebration of the confluence of cultures and languages that characterizes Southern California. Greater Los Angeles is a place where continents truly do collide, even when our infamous seismic activity is at a lull!

And who facilitates this metaphorical continental drift more effectively than literary translators?

This year’s ALTA conference will feature the intersection of translation and the entertainment industry, including film, legitimate theater, and music. Additionally, we will take a close look at the pedagogy of translation and the increasing visibility of literary translation in academia.

We look forward to welcoming you to Southern California!

Conference Hosts:
Andrea Labinger (Chair)—labinger@verizon.net
Gloria Aristizábal—gloriala@earthlink.net
Steven Bradbury—stevenedgarbradbury@yahoo.com
Jill Gibian—jgibian@groupware.eou.edu
Beth Pollack—bpollack@nmsu.edu
Rubén Quesada—r.quesada@ttu.edu

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