Five Dials Issue 8.2

Just received this e-mail about the new issue of Five Dials:

The latest edition of Five Dials — number 8b — is now available. As you will notice, it is an addendum, but a far better addendum than, say, the one you find at the back of your Self Assessment Tax Return. Your free copy is available here.

You’ll also notice our latest issue is all about Paris — again. For those subscribers who loathe every mention of Paris, either because they were pickpocketed on the Rue Le Verrier or they’re struggling with the final chapter of a biography of Napoleon — we are sorry. For all the others subscribers, please enjoy a little more from the City of Light, as well as our favourite Maupassant short story. We’re always trying to offer a helping hand to young writers. Please enjoy.

I’m a big fan of Five Dials, and feel a special connection to these two recent issues, especially the first, which came out right before I went to Paris for the first time ever and including a great article by Lauren Elkin on Parisian bookstores and the quirks of French bookselling. What’s cool about this addendum, is that, if you look closely enough at the lower right corner of the first pic from the Five Dials launch party, you’ll see Emma Archer and Todd Zuniga—both of whom were on the same Parisian trip . . .

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