Open Letter/University of Rochester MLA Reception

December isn’t just about gifts, year-end lists1, and tax-deductible donations2—it’s also about academics getting together at the Modern Languages Assocation conference to present papers, interview for jobs, and drink.3

This year’s convention takes place in Philadelphia from the 27th until the 30th, and the focus is “Translation,” which should make this one of the most interesting and enjoyable MLA conventions of recent memory. I’m sure that I’ll end up writing a lot of posts about the different panels, people who attend, etc., and as I mentioned previously, Erica Mena and I will be recording a series of podcasts for a series we’re planning on launching next year.

In addition to podcasts, interesting panels, and great exhibitors (can’t wait to see Declan from New Directions, Sara from NYRB, and John from Penguin again), the annual Open Letter/University of Rochester MLA reception will take place on Tuesday, December 29th from 5 – 7:00pm at the Ritz-Carlton on 10 Ave. of the Arts.

So, if you’re going to be in the area, please feel free to swing by. The event will be in the Univ. of Rochester suite (should be a sign in the Ritz-Carlton lobby pointing you in the right direction) and there will be some drinks and appetizers. (I’m in charge of appetizers, so I recommend focusing on the liquor part.) And really, you’re welcome to come even if you’re not officially affiliated with MLA. Should be fun . . .

1 And, at least this year, decade-end lists.

2 Click here to support Open Letter/Three Percent.

3 Actually, this is the last time that the MLA will take place in December. Instead of taking place during everyone’s vacation time between Christmas and New Year’s Day, from now on the conference will take place in early-January, making it even easier to renege on all resolution, attempts to curb drinking and depression, etc. etc.

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