So, This Is Abu Dhabi [ADIBF 2010]

It took an extra day and 28+ hours of travel, but I’m finally in Abu Dhabi for this year’s International Book Fair. The Snowpocalypse of Thursday night/Friday morning left me (blissfully—but that’s for another post . . . like one for Thursday) stranded in the Rochester region, with my original flight to LaGuardia being canceled, and my trip being delayed by one full day.

Which was for the best, seeing as that I’ve already spent one night in JFK and intend never to do that again so long as I live, and also because all flights to Abu Dhabi were cocked up by the massive hail/thunderstorm (like once every four-six months sort of thunderstorm) that led to rerouting a number of flights and leaving some ADIBF (Abu Dhabi International Book Fair) folks stranded for a night. (I chose so, so, so right in delaying all my flights by a day . . . So right.)

Anyway, I’m here now, and will spend the next week writing about the Book Fair and the International Copyright Conference that kicked off today. (Speaking of which, you can check out Ed Nawotka’s posts about the IPA conference by clicking that link.)

The UAE is an interesting place, filled with intrigue, excessive spending, and a few potential book proposals (man, did I ever come up with a good one tonight . . . ), and sexy, hyper-development. Like this view out my hotel window:

Yeah, that’s a parking garage and a view onto the “mothership” lobby at the Aloft hotel . . .

More tomorrow after presentations on “Global Publishing, Local Publishing, and Emerging Markets” and “The Digital Marketplace after the Google Settlement.” And keep checking here to stay up-to-date on all the ADIBF goings on.


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