Top 100 Language Blogs [Vote for Us!]

Three years ago, Lexiophiles — a rather intriguing German-based website about words and language and translation failures (you must check out that link . . . my favorite is “translation fail #3”) — started a Top 100 Language Blogs competition to draw attention to the best language-centric blogs out there.

What’s really cool is that Three Percent is one of the finalists in the “Language Professionals” category. And what’s even cooler is this possibly insulting description they have of Three Percent: “Blog with articles on various topics related to translation, communication, technology and other snippets of random, unrelated informational debris.”

“Random, unrelated informational debris”?? (This is totally going to be the title of my first book . . . )

Anyway, the competition is now in the voting stage, so between now and May 24th you should go and vote for Three Percent from as many computers as possible. It would be amazing if we ended up in the Top 10 . . .

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