PEN: Next Steps: On College, Jobs, and Independence, an Event for Young Adults

Where: Westbeth Center for the Arts, Gallery, 57 Bethune St., New York City

The professional trajectory in publishing was once crystal-clear: graduate from college, learn the craft through an apprenticeship, and land a cushy gig. But decades of economic strain have considerably diminished opportunities for building a literary career. In this conversation, artists reassess the value of a college degree, once inexorably linked to success, and share the non-traditional ways they turned hobbies and personal interests into opportunities to cultivate their art, engage in the world, and hew a meaningful career.

With Leila Aboulela, Jennifer Bloom, Lillian Luterman, Ed Conlon, Carlos “Mare 139” Rodriguez, and others

Free but reservations required. For information on bringing your class to this event, please contact Stacy Leigh at (212) 334-1660 ext.109.

Co-sponsored by Westbeth Center for the Arts

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