PEN: New Orleans

Where: The Kitchen, 512 W. 19th St., New York City

More than five years after Katrina, one of the greatest man-made disasters in America’s history, the country has moved on. New Orleans has not. While the city has fought with great passion and courage to recover, disturbing problems remain. How has New Orleans, a world unto itself, been transformed, for better and worse? Where does it go from here? A panel of writers and thinkers discuss the city they love with novelist Nathaniel Rich.

With Sarah Broom, Richard Campanella, Nicholas Lemann, Fatima Shaik, and Billy Sothern; moderated by Nathaniel Rich

Tickets: $10. Call (212) 255-5793 ext. 11 or visit www.thekitchen.org

Co-sponsored by The Kitchen

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