Yes to Manifestos, No to Seizure-inducing Web Design

Via the Salzberg Global Seminar listserv for the translation conference held a couple years ago, I was directed to this site, which contains a manifesto to increase EU culture funding. Right now, culture funding makes up 0.05% of the EU budget, 99.9% of which goes to support the Eurovision Contest. (JOKE.)

Anyway, in order to try and up that percentage to .06 or higher, Culture Action Europe did what any denizen of the digital age would do to ensure their voice is heard: started an online petition. By signing this “We Are More” manifesto, you’ll show your support for some rather reasonable statements, including:

The arts, culture and the humanities engage and inspire us, and stimulate us to challenge the world we live in. Investing in the arts from kindergarten to old age builds societies that are creative, innovative, democratic and diverse.

Let us re-imagine long-term public investment that contributes to human, social and environmental progress.

I personally agree with these (hard not you, you know?), and although I’m not sure what effect online petitions really have (I mean, the Get Pole Dancing into the Olympics petition hasn’t made “Competitive Vertical Gymnastics” a household term yet, so . . . ), I’ll sign onto this . . .

But only if “We the Many” take down that god awful seizure-inducing image at the top of the screen. What is that even supposed to be? Flashing neon confetti? I might be able decipher more if it didn’t make me twitch every time I stared at if for more than 13 seconds.

That said, this ghastly image does provide good reason for spending a few extra EU bucks on culture—please, EU, please teach your people not to do this on websites. That would be a service for all.

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