Lit&Lunch with Poet, Novelist, and Translator Fanny Howe

Where: 111 Minna St., San Francisco, CA 94105 (Minna @ 2nd)

Fanny Howe is commonly ranked among the leading innovative American writers of the postwar generation. A recipient of numerous awards, Howe’s poetry in particular is noted ofr its power and approach to social justice and comtemporary issues.
In this Lit&Lunch, Howe talks about her poetry and about translating one of the most remarkable works of poetry to come out of World War II: A Wall of Two. A collection of verse written on worksheets stolen from the factories by two sisters in the Kraków ghetto, the book is both a powerful work of literature and a remarkable example of translation in action. Howe gives guests a chance to hear the amazing story behind this book and the choices involved in translating these singular poems.

Free and open to the public.

Presented by the Center for the Art of Translation at 111 Minna Gallery
Contact: sesposito@catranslation.org

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