Newest Issue from Asymptote

Click here to read the latest issue from Asymptote, an online literary journal dedicated to publishing contemporary works in translation.

This issue includes a riveting excerpt from Goce Smilevski’s new book, Freud’s Sister, in which Dr. Freud visits his psychologically troubled sister at a carnival-style fundraiser hosted by her psychiatric ward. “But who said anything about healing? After all, no one here is sick,” she protests, in response to his accusations; “everyone here simply lives in his own world.”

There’s also a feature on Romanian poets (check out Mircea Ivănescu’s stirring Pale Stars and Ileana Mǎlǎncioiu’s haunting Spider ).

P.S.: As a bonus, Asymptote has embedded MP3s so you can listen to these pieces in the original language. Pretty cool.

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