Three Percent #42: There's a Chance that Things'll Get Weird

This week, Will Evans joins us to talk about contemporary Russian literature (READ THIS BOOK) and the Read Russia initiative at this year’s BEA. (Sidenote: click on that link just to see the section at the bottom left corner where you can share the page via “Socialist Media.” Seriously.) We talk about Zakhar Prilepin, Mikhail Shishkin, Dmitry Danilov (who looks a bit like Ignatius J. Reilly, see below), and Oleg Kashin.

We also talk a bit about Will’s plan to start a new publishing company in Dallas that’s focused on literature in translation . . .

And in honor of Will’s Carolina roots, this week’s song is Web in Front by Archers of Loaf—the best band to ever come out of Chapel Hill.

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