Almost Ready to Start Blogging Again

I know it’s been a terribly slow summer on Three Percent, and I apologize for that. Every day I come in with good intentions and 3-4 ideas for posts, but then I get sucked into planning the ALTA conference, or the never-ending deluge of emails, managing interns, printing things to mail, etc., etc. It’s been a really hectic summer—the most hectic one I remember.

Anyway, I’m officially taking a real live normal vacation (re: not family related, not work related, none of that) from tomorrow until next Wednesday. But when I get back, I’m going to start blogging again and sharing all sort of information about ALTA, BTBA, books that are coming out that I’m geeked about, the updated Translation Database, etc and et cetera.

For now though, enjoy this article that I wrote for Words with Jam:

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