Three Percent #69: It's Still 2013 Somewhere

This week, we finally continue our series of podcasts summing up the books, music, and movies of 2013. Because summing up 2013 only gets old when we say it does! Anyway, the entire Open Letter office is featured on this podcast, with each of us sharing our favorite albums from last year.

To make it easier for you to check out what we liked, we put together this Spotify playlist with three songs from each of the albums we recommended:

And like with the books podcast, each of us wrote a little (or, in Chad’s case, of Biblical Length) post about his/her top 10. Here are the links to Kaija’s, Chad’s, and Nate’s.

Enjoy, and next up is Tom and Nate’s annual argument about Spring Breakers/Quentin Tarantino/P.T. Anderson.

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