Open Letter Editor Getting Hit in the Face, Repeatedly

This isn’t exactly books related, but in case you’re one of the millions of people of people who have come across this photo recently (like on HuffPo, HLN TV, Reddit, Daily Mail The Sun, Bored Panda, the oft-ridiculed Flavorwire, and several others), I have two things to tell you:

1) Yes, that is a copy of Ricardas Gavelis’s Vilnius Poker, which is published by Open Letter; and,

2) Yes, that is Open Letter editor Kaija Straumanis, whose series of “Headshots” have gone totally viral (over 3 million visits to her Flickr page in just over 24 hours).

Congrats to Kaija! Hopefully some percentage of these visits will buy one of her photos or her translation of High Tide or the Vilnius Poker website.

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