BTBA 2014 Translators [Because We're Not *Always Forever* Treated Like Lepers]

All “translator recognition” issues and talk aside (as a translator myself, but also as someone working in publishing, I have my own particular set of views on how this issue should be approached), our friends over at Typographical Era have put together a five-part list highlighting (with photo proof) that the twenty-five amazing novels that made the fiction longlist were indeed translated, and by people nonetheless—people with FACES (most of them)!

As TypoEra’s Aaron Westerman writes:

A novel in its original form might be great, but let’s face it, without the loving attention of a skilled translator it could end up destroyed when it arrives in its English version. The Best Translated Book Award isn’t just about the authors, it’s about the translators who take their work and make it accessible to an even greater audience as well. To drive that point home, the award’s $10,000 cash prize is split equally between the winning author and the translator of his or her book.

Part One and Part Two are already up—stay tuned to TypoEra for Parts Three, Four, and Five!

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