Still Time to Participate in the 2nd Annual Open Letter Celebration

As hopefully everyone knows, we’re taking advantage of the travel day in the NLCS to throw a little fundraising party for Open Letter. If you’re in Rochester, you should definitely come out to the German House tonight at 8 for food, booze, palm readings, music, and presenations by Rochester visionaries. Tickets are available at the door, and start at $20. (Which is less than dinner and a palm reading!)

Now, if you’re not in Rochester, and still want in on this, up until 10pm you can purchase raffle tickets for any number of goods and services that were donated by local businesses.

Tickets are available both online and in person for all of these grouping. They are $5 for 1 entry, $10 for 3 entries, or $20 for 8.

We will be doing the drawings at 10pm exactly, so if you want to get in on this—and support Open Letter—buy them now!

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