2018 International Dublin Literary Award Longlist

We talked (and joked) about this on the podcast we recorded this morning, but the International Dublin Literary Award longlist was announced earlier today. A mere 150 titles (?!), this is a daunting array of books. It’s always a bit overwhelming, and the website always leaves a bit to be desired, but we are proud to have one book on the list: One of Us Is Sleeping by Josefine Klougart, translated from the Danish by Martin Aitken.

This is one of FOURTYEIGHT translations on the longlist—a pretty impressive number! I’m not going to list all of them here—that would be insane—but you can read this press release if you want more info.

Also, it only makes sense for an “international” award to have a third of their longlist be works in translation. Now let’s see if one of these wins . . . Speaking of, the shortlist will be announced in April 2018, and the winner in June. That gives you eight months to read every one of these books (doable!) and test your opinions against the six judges.

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