Three Percent #150: Canadian Publishing

This week, Kevin Williams of Talonbooks out of Vancouver, British Columbia joins Tom and Chad to talk about the state of publishing in Canada. He recaps his career in the book business—as a bookseller, distributor, agent, and publisher—and provides a lot of insight into the Canadian funding structures, the not-so-great state of the bookstore scene, the difficulties of breaking out a book, and the struggle to get American readers and reviewers to pay attention to Canadian writers.

If you’re not already familiar with Talonbooks, you can check them out online, and Kevin recommends The Weight of Snow, a forthcoming title by Quebec author Christian Guay-Poliquin.

(Meanwhile, Tom recommends the new Énard, and Chad is still on about Rodrigo Fresán’s forthcoming The Dreamed Part.)

This week’s music is “Meet Me in the Basement” by Broken Social Scene.

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