Three Percent BONUS EPISODE: Interview with Jonathan Dunne

As part of this month’s ongoing series of posts about literature from Spain, I talked to author, translator, and publisher Jonathan Dunne, whose Small Stations Press has produced more translations of Galician literature into English than anyone else. On this bonus episode of the Three Percent Podcast, we talk about how to pronounce “Galician,” how he got into translating and publishing these works, the challenges of running a small press, the importance of voice and flow over individual words, why translating poetry is easier than translating long novels, and much more.

Jonathan also recommends a number of Galician authors and books, all of which can be found on the Small Stations website.

This week’s music is “Here to Fall” by Yo La Tengo.

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One response to “Three Percent BONUS EPISODE: Interview with Jonathan Dunne”

  1. Thank you for this episode! I am recommending it to people in YA literature, since it touches on that.

    For those interested, the YA titles published by Small Stations are here, under Galician Wave: http://smallstations.com/publications/itemlist/category/35-galician-wave

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