Three Percent BONUS EPISODE: Antonia Lloyd-Jones and Sean Bye on Polish Reportage

As part of Nonfiction in Translation Month at Three Percent, Polish translators Antonia Lloyd-Jones and Sean Bye came on the podcast to explain Polish Reportage, talk about some key figures and forthcoming books, and more or less introduce Open Letter’s new nonfiction line.

Some of the titles mentioned on this podcast include:

Dancing Bears by Witold Szablowski (trans. by Antonia)

Foucault in Warsaw by Remigiusz Ryziński (trans. by Sean)

Nobody Leaves: Impressions of Poland by Ryszard Kapuscinski (trans. by ?? not on Penguin’s site or Amazon)

Chasing the King of Hearts by Hannah Krall (trans. by Philip Boehm)

Roosters Crow, Dogs Whine by Wojciech Tochman (Antonia is working on a sample)

History of a Disappearance by Filip Springer (trans. by Sean)

You can find Antonia here, and Sean on the Cedilla & Co. website.

The intro/outro music on this episode is from “On the Luna” by Foals.

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3 responses to “Three Percent BONUS EPISODE: Antonia Lloyd-Jones and Sean Bye on Polish Reportage”

  1. Paul Kaye says:

    Nobody Leaves is translated by William Brand, I think.

  2. Paul Kaye says:

    Fantastic discussion, thanks for posting.

  3. TeenC says:

    We have already subscribed to the Podcast, this is very nice.

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