TMR 12.6: “A Substitute’s Diary, Part II” [FOUR BY FOUR]

ALTA executive director and Arabic translator (Minor Detail), Lissie Jaquette joined Chad and Brian to talk about Bedragare’s breakdown and all the events in the second half of his journal. They also wonder what the “mystery” of the novel is, and talk about various (possibly nutty) theories about who killed Lux and Ledesma. All of this sets up next week’s episode in which—according to Chad—the real will be explained . . .

It’s amazing how much questionable music there is that includes a reference to a “4×4.” This week’s is a little ditty by Hardy that includes this lyric, “Them good old boys been feeling macho / In that quatro wheel drive.” Hell yeah!

If you’d prefer to watch the conversation, you can find it on YouTube along with all our past episodes. The next broadcast will be on July 15th. We’ll be talking about the final section of Four by Four, which is available in bookstores everywhere. (And as an audiobook via Tantor Media!)

After next week’s episode, we’ll move on to The Book of Anna by Carmen Boullosa and Samantha Schnee. Get your copy today!

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