TMR 17.2: “Pure Hatred” [Eltit + Hahn]

Technical difficulties abound as Chad struggles to find reliable Wifi in Latvia. (While being recruited by the Russian mafia?)  Katie and Brian take the lead this episode, discussing the next few chapters of Never Did the Fire, gendered adjectives and information, Marxist groups and analysis, and much more. Also: Stay tuned at the end for a special interview with Sam McDowell of Charco Press!

This week’s music is “Age of Anxietyt I” from the new Arcade Fire album.

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Also: use code 2MONTHREVIEW at the Charco website for 10% off everything. (Lies! Discount only applies to books—no bundles, no tote bags, etc.)

Next week’s episode will be available on 5/14 to Patreon supporters, and will drop wherever you get your podcasts on Wednesday, May 18th. Unlike other episodes, it’ll consist of two interviews related to Eltit and the books rather than a breakdown of the next sections. We’ll be back to normal on May 25th!

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