TMR Fresán Relisten Ep. 19: “This Is a Bullshot” [THE DREAMED PART]

Welcome to the Great Fresan Relisten of 2023! Over the next four weeks, we’ll be reissuing an episode a day from the The Invented Part and The Dreamed Part seasons of TMR so that you can catch-up, refresh your memory, have a few laughs, etc., before the May 10th launch of Season 19 on The Remembered Part.

Here are the show notes from the original airing:

In his most dangerous gag to date, Chad drinks a giant bullshot as he, Brian Wood, and special guest Carlos Labbé talk about Nabokov’s Transparent Things, transparency as a concept, the wild bed that The Writer is insomniacing in, Uncle Hey Walrus’s hypnosis gone awry, why quarantine time is so crazy yet our dreams are getting so boring, and much much more.

This week’s music is “Comeback Baby” by Kiwi Jr.

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